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Tanisha Kapoor – Tanisha brings a touch of magic to invites for every occasion!

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From being deeply involved with theatre during college to curating and designing her own Home Décor line, Tanisha can boast of many a feather in her cap! A graphic design artist, she has forayed  into the world of wedding card design. Brimming with joie de vivre, she sure seems have enjoyed every step along the way.

Take us through the various creative ventures you are involved with.

I have been a graphic artist for about 4 years now. During the lockdown I have started my own furniture design business. We specialize in very eclectic and unique pieces that sport pops of color. It was essential for me to introduce a fresh breath of air to the way our furniture pieces are designed. I’ am also involved with social media marketing. I love helping brands find their own distinctive voices for expression. The venture that I have forayed into most recently is designing invites for weddings, births and other such special occasions.


How has your inherent creativity since childhood played a part in your professional life?

I’ve always had a very creative bent of mind. Growing up, I excelled at art and crafts in school.  Later in college, I was heavily involved with theatre. Through my experience with all these creative endeavors, I have been able to imbibe so many skills on the professional front. If I take my theatre work for example, it required so many elements of design to come together for a play to be brought to life. In theatre the effort involved with expression and voice lay the very foundation for how one can juxtapose various design elements to tell a truly compelling brand story.


What are some of the key strengths you possess that have helped you stand out in the world of Graphic Design?

I am a firm believer in the power of positivity. For me it has opened up doors where none have existed before! Also, I keep an open mind. When I’m designing cards I am very aware that these invites are usually for one of life’s most important milestones like a wedding or a baby’s birth announcement.

So naturally there are very deep sentiments attached to the card. It’s something people keep as a memento and cherish for all their lives. Being open to constructive criticism is very important. It’s even good for you and helps you to hone in your skills further.

I feel I can create something unique and exquisite only when I am true and authentic to my own style and voice. Additionally I think it’s very important to acknowledge those people who have inspired you and your work. At the end of the days all art is inferenced so it goes a long way to give credit where it is due. So when you see something creative that you admire, make sure to give a shout out to the creator!

I have a very versatile design sense. Besides this, the most crucial skill I bring to the table is being able to work within the client’s budget.


What are some of the challenges of the job? Take us behind the scenes of the graphic design process.

There is a ton of intellectual work that goes into figuring out the various elements one would like to incorporate into the design of an invite. Color combinations, fonts, motifs and how all of these will tie up perfectly with the theme the client has in mind. That’s why I feel it is key to understand the expectations and psyche of your client really well. It’s a challenge when client’s want something totally different from the initial brief that they have given. Sometimes people might be confused about what they want, then steering them in a direction that works for them is also a big part of the job. My anxiety levels too really shoot up! There’s a lot of pressure to create original work. A tremendous amount of time also goes into the process.


Along your journey as an entrepreneur, what are some of the most valuable lessons you have learnt?

We each have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us. I have a deep faith in this belief. Therefore contributing even a small amount from my earning towards a cause I believe in is important to me. Also, nothing in the world can compare to the feeling of being able to stand on your own two feet and treat your parents to a nice dinner from your own pocket! Their pride is the greatest reward.



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