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Tania, Pollywood’s Sweet Heart

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Ending this lovely Initiative I Own My Own Story with Pollywood’s sweetheart Tania. Ink slinging her dreams into reality, she is an inspiration to everyone around. Here is an enticing conversation with Tania.

Do you have any morning rituals?

I don’t have very rigid morning rituals as such.Its just that i have put it in my routine to be thankful for what I have as the first thing I wake up.Cherishing your own self first in the morning gives you a confidence for the entire day of work.

What attracted you to start your career as an actress?

I feel that more than anyone in particular attracting me to this profession,it was the camera and the stage that held me and Even if i was not doing this in the conscious world,In my subconscious mind,i was always performing arts.
To add additional feathers to it were many Great people around me or in this Industry like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.The way she held everyone’s eyes stuck to the screen made everyone fall in love with her and i was no exception.

Please tell us a little about your journey ?

My journey in words might not be a legendary one but in feels,it definitely is.I come from a complete different background and even to think of this as a profession when there was no social media or easy access platforms was a big thing. But i kept doing my part of acting and dancing in theaters so as i can keep polishing my self . Journey required lots of patience and hard work. And i tried giving my best in both.

Top 3 things on your bucket list

Top three things in my bucket list are definitely the ones that make me work day and night
•Open an animal shelter
•establish a home for old age people
•To give a better life to atleast 3 strangers.

Western or ethnic

Western and ethnic really doesn’t makes a difference in my life.As long as it matches my fashion sense and makes me look good,i am happy carrying both.

An incident you want to recall

finishing up my theatre practice by 2:00am and again coming back by 6:00am i worked like this for months.

Favourite place to be?

My favourite place to be is wherever my mom is.If she is in India,that becomes my favourite place.If she moves somewhere else,then that becomes my favourite place. Home is where Mom is.

An incident you want to recall

in theatre when people screamed and shouted with love on my entry in SUFNA. I feel was the most rewarding moment for me..

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

I don’t believe in getting inked.I am blessed with a beautiful piece of work by god and I don’t want to put stickers over this priceless body.
If i have to get a temporary tattoo for fun,that would be a ???? .

Your greatest achievement as an actor?

According to me,my greatest achievement as an actor is that although i have been in the industry for not a very long time but i already have learnt the art of accepting things the way they are.
Also i have learnt the art to switch between my personal and character’s emotions well.

Something people don’t know about Tania

She loves cleaning her space by herself. She feel a satisfaction in it .

If your life was a song what would the title be?

Song title would beeeeee :- Jeena isi ka naam hai.

Of all the characters that you have played is there any role that will always stay close to your heart if yes why?

I guess the role of Teg from Sufna will always stay close to me because that is entirely different from me in its presence but very much similar in its spirit.i.e
I had never experienced rural life before,I didn’t know that lifestyle
But her passionate love for her family,her connectedness with her parents,her will to work and enjoy both the goods and bads of life and her selfless love is something i relate to myself in real life as well.

Who is the most fun person to work with in Pollywood?

Gurnam is the most fun person to work with as of all the costars with whom i have shared the screen.He is all bubbly and humourous.

Your favourite co actor?

My fav co actor is Sonam Bajwa.

If you were given a choice between Pollywood and Bollywood what would you choose?

Although acting has no language but still if I have to choose one,i would opt pollywood because i am enjoying what i am doing.Bollywood is yet unexplored for me but would love to explore that too.

Who is your favourite actor/ actress & why?

My fav actor of all times is Irrfan khan.Sync of his deep eyes and heavy voice is what sweeps you away of this world and opens some other dimensions for you.I wish i could have met him once.

A decision that has been life changing for you?

Decision of opting out of medical field even after constant insistence of the family.If i would have been doing that,i might have excelled by scores but not by heart.

If you could master one instrument what would it be?

If i could master one instrument,that would be a piano,It is a very wholesome instrument as i feel.Although i have very little knowledge of music.\

Favourite place to be?

My favourite place to be is either in mountains or beaches.there is no in between.They give peace.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

I can never forget myself doing LUX soap ads in my bathroom for hours.

A real-life situation that inspired you?

So many hard times that i’ve seen, only they inspired me to grow more, grow independent and achieve my goals in life.

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