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Seerat Dhillon and Siffat Arora – Seerat and Siffat create whimsical and enchanting worlds for every celebration.

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‘A Whimsical Affair’, an event décor and styling venture, came into existence with the purpose of creating ethereal and enchanted wonderlands for their client’s most special celebrations. Seerat and Siffat, both interior design graduates and best friends collaborated to set up their business keeping in mind their sheer fondness for all things décor.

Be it birthdays, high-teas, bachelorettes or intimate engagements, A Whimsical Affair makes sure to bring a touch of the surreal to their client’s vision.

How did the two of you meet and come together to create your event décor brand ‘A Whimsical Affair’?

We met in college while we were both pursuing our Bachelors in Interior Design. We connected pretty much instantly! Our personalities, ideas, tastes and work ethic is really similar. What binds us most is our passion for all things décor. Space styling and event décor for us seems like a very natural extension of our personalities. All through college we partnered up with each other for various projects and realized that working in tandem was super easy and fun. We’re really good at gauging each other’s minds so we’re always on the same page. Since college we were very sure we’d start our own brand and now here we are!


What are some of the most fun themes you have worked on?

We include the word whimsical in our brand name since we feel that creating a really whimsical, fun and ethereal space is so central to the success of any occasion. It’s through finding the right blend of colors, decorative pieces and lighting that we create an atmosphere of celebration. Personally we love curating a vintage and a boho look that is rustic and floral blended with pastel shades and fairy lights. Working with natural earthy shades, straw, faux and real flowers  and leaves is our signature style. We consider ourselves to be the gateway between a space and our client’s whims and fancies.


What is your USP that sets you apart from others in your field?

We do what we do for the sheer love of the craft! It helps hugely that we are very well qualified in the field of interior design too. We feel it’s up to us ignite our imaginations and bring to life a unique ambience to enhance every special occasion. This is why both of us ensure that we keep on top of trends whether it’s the in colors for the season or certain décor elements which people prefer. We’re constantly innovating. We make sure to tune into live session by famous personalities within the design world. We also have our own in-house workshop for wooden and metal frames, decorative pieces etc.  Everything is customized to suit the tastes of our clients.


How do you respond to competition within your field of work?

Initially, when we started out, we noticed a huge gap in the market. There were a few people providing the services that we do. In that sense we definitely have a head start! Besides we consider ourselves to be our own best competition and strive to do better than what we’ve done before. This really enhances our focus on improving our own work. We’ve found our niche and people are now familiar with our signature style and our brand name. Through all the experience we have gained so far, now when we hear a client brief, our mind ignites on its own. We are very good with deadlines and working according to them is such an adrenaline rush!


Let’s do a couple if quick rapid fire questions!

  1. Who is more of an extrovert? – Seerat
  2. Shopping or traveling, what do you prefer? – For Siffat shopping comes first whereas Seerat loves to travel.
  3. Who is more of a foodie? – They are both obsessed with food!
  4. Night owls or working through the day? – Both night owls who feel the best of their creative instinct comes to life later in the night.
  5. What is the one quality you both admire in each other? – They both don’t give up easily and find themselves very resourceful in the face of challenges.
  6. What are your favorite colors to work with? – Pink, white and pastels.


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