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Lavanya Rachit Makeovers

Lavanya Rachit Makeovers

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Her exceptional professionalism and unmatched creativity are what make all aspiring makeup artists look upto her. Here is what Lavanya from Lavanya Rachit Makeovers speaks about skin care & Bridal Tips.

Who inspired you to be a MUA

The source of my inspiration has been my mother. My mother always wanted me to pursue my interests in fashion and that is exactly what I did. I was a fashion designer before marriage. I have a creative side to my personality which I would say a trait I was gifted with just like my mother. My  husband gave me that extra push and I followed my creative instinct.

Like fashion do makeup trends also come back?

They sure do. Like fashion, makeup trends also make a comeback. Back in the 1930’s outer lipper and thick brows was a major trend. They have made their way back these days.

Which make up trend according to you is a classic makeup.

A very neat skin with a spot on winged liner and a coral blusher is a classic.

What would you say is Your USP

Highlight and Contour is my USP and more of bridal make up looks I would say. We offer styling consultancy too, so the whole look that my brides carry is put together by us. We don’t just cater to hair and makeup we look after the entire ensemble.

5 easy go tip for someone who does not like wearing heavy makeup

Use a good moisturizer that suits your skin.

A lip balm is always a must have.

A coral blusher gives you a tad bit of that wow look.

A good volumizing mascara.

& a Light lip tint is a win for someone who  doesn’t like wearing heavy makeup.

Your biggest achievement as a make up artist.

My biggest achievement as a makeup artist is that I have done approximately 500 brides within 5 years.

A life saving makeup product

A good primer.

Your favourite part about applying makeup?

It has to be highlight & Contour.

If you were allowed to take 5 make up products to work with you what would they be?

Primer, Concealer, Eyeshadow Palette, Foundation and Blusher

Anything exciting coming up you would like to share with us?

Very soon we are planning to some up with a digital platform that for our online classes and styling consultancy.

Some of your all time favourite beauty products

NARS concealers and BECCA highlighters have to be my favourite.

A product You do No leave the house without using

Sunscreen and Mascara

Your Favorite Celebrity Makeup Look

Deepika Padukone’s  red saree look from her wedding hasto be my absolute favourite.

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