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Harjinder Brar

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Elitist, suave and urbane, Panjab Bespoke has prominently established itself as a pioneer in men’s fashion.

Panjab Bespoke is an iconic brand that has established itself as a vanguard in the world of men’s fashion. For founder Harjinder Brar, it is his tremendous passion that ignites a deep desire for perfection in his work. Synonymous with exquisite designs and impeccable style,  Panjab Bespoke boasts of clientele from across the world. Forever in alignment with the ethos of Panjab’s rich heritage and culture, join us as we explore this exemplary brand.

1. Tell us a little about your childhood. How did you become inspired to start designing clothes?

I was born in Faridkot district in Punjab and brought up in the Chandigarh. I’ve had a penchant for fashion ever since my childhood and growing up, I felt that a lot of the designs and silhouettes out there didn’t reflect my own style and sensibility. There was a huge dearth of well-cut, contemporary and cutting edge men’s wear. I remember having to be content with choosing clothing that I couldn’t completely relate to. This experience prompted me to create things that actually reflect one’s own personality. So, the outcome was Panjab Bespoke, a design studio where we produce attire for the clientele that is fully customized, from colour to fabric; enhancing their sense of self, personality in their own unique style.

2. What are some of the methods you employ to keep your creative mind engaged in creating fresh looks for your clients?

I am an ardent learner at heart and I firmly believe in learning while practicing. So much of what I pick up on is through listening intently to what the client wants and then experimenting within that framework with my creative instinct. At Panjab Bespoke, we make sure to stay abreast with the ever-evolving global fashion trends in order to bring to our customers some of the most exquisite designs from across the globe.

3. Tell us about your brand Panjab Bespoke and it’s range of clothing.

We are a one-stop menswear design studio which has all sorts of customized menswear attire under one roof. We, at Panjab Bespoke, feel that in fashion there is no ‘one size/colour/fabric fits all’. Using the word ‘Bespoke’ in our brand is a lot about how we work on each customer; recognizing that everyone has a different personality and taste. Thus, we try making things that best suit them

4. Your new line of clothing called ‘Sartorial Panjab’ is dedicated to the warriors of Panjab. What has been the inspiration behind this?

Our latest clothing line, Sartorial Panjab is really close to my heart as it is an ode to the myriad culture and heritage of Punjab. Punjab has always been renowned for its inspiring tales of valour and an exuberant lifestyle, and that’s exactly what has ignited the spirit of our Maison. All our designs at Sartorial Panjab are made with ultra-precise quality and masterful craftsmanship that transcends time.

5. Where all is your clientele from?

We have been fortunate to have a varied clientele from across the globe.

6. What are some of your interests apart from Fashion?

Apart from fashion, I thoroughly enjoy spending time in nature, reading books, exercising, and spending quality time with my family and friends.

7. What are the three most important things for you in life?

Without any second thought, it is my family, my health and my passion for both Panjab Bespoke and Sartorial Panjab.

 8. What is your personal style statement or your personal signature style?

My personal style statement is all about being elegant, presentable and clean, by simply following the canons of style. For me, aesthetics, quality, and comfort are the three things that are the essence of fashion and are the keys to confidence in your own style.





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