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Manika Ahluwalia

Design Virtuoso And An Entrepreneur Manika Ahluwalia

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Manika Ahluwalia Label stands for the extraordinare. Curating such exquisite accessories and handbags is her passion. A fashion enthusiast, a design virtuoso and an entrepreneur Manika Ahluwalia let’s her work do the talking.

How did you start MANIKA AHLUWALIA?

Being a fashion  student, I was very keen on exploring and honing my
creative skills as a designer. My belief in hard work and my passion for
designing is what encouraged me to emerge with this initiative of my own.
Moreover, my inclination towards high end luxury designs served as an
impeccable inspiration and furthermore helped me feel empowered like the
women I idealize. The label Manika Ahluwalia speaks volumes of finesse and toned elegance.

What is your vision for the brand?

I want Manika Ahluwalia Label to emerge as a  luxury Indian brand that promotes bespoke designer leather products that showcase the skills of the local craftsmen of our country.Our key endeavour is to establish the ourselves as an indigenous label in the international market.

What would you say is your USP?

The Manika Ahluwalia logo is what makes us stand out. We offer a wide range of  personalized designing & amp; monogramming in 24k Gold plating along with semi precious stones.

What colours are in for bridal couture this year?

One can get their clutch personalized as per their choice in monogramming
in the shades of Gold, Silver and Deep wine.

What inspires your designs?

The drive to create something extraordinary keeps me going

Pastels or vivid, which colour palette will you choose first

Vivid, for sure. I love all things bright and beautiful!

Who all have supported you throughout your journey?

My husband who is a businessman has been my biggest source of
encouragement. He motivated me to start the brand with full force and has
been extremely supportive throughout this journey. My sister, who works alongside me, helps me with marketing and business management.

Do you connect with your customers on a personal level?

Being a startup has given me the opportunity to connect with my clients
personally, to understand their choices, their needs,  the smallest details and then working to bring all of that together is what I cherish.

What do your designs speak of you?

A giraffe symbolizes “anything but ordinary”. My designs represent opulence,
elegance and grace.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

My primary aim is to emerge with new, evergreen designer accessories
suitable for both men and women. Eventually, I plan on having my own
manufacturing unit and a store in a metropolitan city.

What was the most defining moment of your career?

The current period of a global pandemic encouraged me to emerge with a
product best suited for the need of the hour. The desire to develop a product
that would be vital yet comfortable for a critical situation such as this helped
me to brainstorm to develop these oil masks that served as a healthy medium
to enhance breathing while staying safe.

What is fashion in terms of accessories for you?

I think your accessories speak more about you than just your clothes. You
can dazzle in any outfit with the right accessories; that goes for both men and

If you had to customise a design for yourself, what would it look like?

Nothing beats a pure leather black clutch with the Manika Ahluwalia logo.


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