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RJ Ashi

Chandigarh’s Very Own RJ Ashi

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This  name literally needs no introduction. Most of the Chandigarhians wake up to her mesmerizing voice. Wait no more guys here Chandigarh’s Very Own RJ Ashi narrating her own story.

Who are your role models?

We keep evolving with time and so our do role models , at some point of time I wanted to be as confident as Priyanka Chopra and now I look upto my dad for how selflessly he works & so many young people around me who are establishing themselves. It’s all about hardworking people who give everything it takes to make it large.

How has your journey been?

My journey so far has been like a makeover , it has groomed me in many ways. There’s a lot more to explore.

Please tell us a little about your story?

I’ve always had a creative edge to me. I use to right my name in different fonts while there was a lecture going on in class. Use to make songs out of lengthy answers just to memorise them . Although I did try to follow the herd , did with Honours in Economics. I even tried a shot at MBA , fortunately I didn’t get the score and that was the time I made a choice.  I went for Masters in Mass com and Journalism. That was where the twist happened, I fell in love with radio and the journey went on.

Your favourite celebrity Moment so far?

Ranbir kapoor any day , before I became an RJ  went outside his house Krishna Raj in Mumbai and clicked a picture, I showed that picture to him the day I finally went to interview him , it felt like a fantasy came true , “still blushing”.

You seem to have a keen interest in music what influenced that?

Music is  something I  grew up with, I used to be a part of singing group all my life in school, since then I love to jam. Music takes me to a different world, it manifests abundance in my life. I am literally surrounded by music 24/7, the addiction is so much so that I have a different playlist for every mood.
I even love talking about songs in my show , love giving a musical climax to whatever I say on air .

Who inspired RJ Ashi?

No one in particular, life itself is the biggest inspiration, I want to look forward to something bigger after every little milestone. Growing and Glowing everyday.

Which is your favourite interview till date and what is so special about it?

One with Ranbir kapoor / Anushka Sharma for ae dil hai mushkil, it was like a treat for me to celebrate as I’m not just a ranbir fan but a dharma fan too
Another one with Jubin Nautiyal , he is a fabulous singer and I planned a musical interview with him during lockdown , you should just watch it on my Instagram you won’t want to miss a single second.

What is your stress buster?

Sketching and eating good food more likely a pizza or a gobi parantha with butter on it , dayumm I’m hungry already!

What’s soulful music for you?

I’m not a musician so I really can’t define soulful music
All i can say is i hate if somebody talks in the middle of a song I’m enjoying or listening to , hate distractions while listening to music

Who is the Most fun Pollywood celebrity according to you?

There are so many , Sherry Maan , he’s got a bang on sense of humour & Parmish Verma , loved his presence of mind. Jassi Gill has been super cute in all his interviews

Since you are from one which is the most relatable Punjabi family moment for you?

When Jasmine Sandlas ordered cholley bhaturey the day she came for her song promotion, we all discussed food and fat.

What is your personal style statement?

I don’t tend to make any statement as such, but yes I love dressing up and I carry myself pretty well. I never step out without doing my eyebrows and putting up a blusher.

An artist you would like to work with in future

I am happy being a radio jockey, don’t wanna get into industry. Working with karan johar is a fantasy though

Favourite part of your profession

When people call me and share their stories.

Your favourite music genre

No specifics, every genre, actually it all depends on the mood.

A moment you will cherish forever?

Each and every time I go on air – I will always cherish this always.

Heels or sneakers?


Modern music or retro ?


Tomboy look or a girly girl?

Girly girl

Chocolate or caramel ?


May you rise and achieve glistening heights every damn day, kudos to  Rj Ashi for owning her own story!

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