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Baking the world a better place : Aradhya Mittal.

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Passion, to say is a mere seven letter word but it ferries the capacity of altering lives. Making everyday better and just  Baking the world a better place  here is Aradhya Mittal.

A student of textile design and fashion at London College of fashion Aradhya Mittal is a creative virtuoso. Whisking her way through life, she has always let her work speak for herself.

How old were you when you baked your first cake?

Baking has been a very fond memory of my childhood. I was probably four years old when I used to look at my mom  baking and that sort of guzzled this passion for baking in me. My Mom’s cakes and her keen interest in baking sort of paved the way for my ecstasy. I was 6 years old when I baked my very first cake all by myself.

What is a perfect evening for you?

A perfect evening for me would be just sitting on my couch and eating a self baked cheesecake after a frenetically packed day.

What is the trait that you deplore in other people.

The trait I deplore in people would be sticking around  ordinary. Being grateful is one thing and being contented is another. One should always try to push further and make the most of what life offers. Putting in efforts for growth is inevitable for a bang on survival.

Please tell us about L’amour

I have been passionate for baking since forever. It basically started with baking for my loved ones, my family and friends.Being a fashion enthusiast I pursued higher education in Fashion and I  am presently a student of textile design at the London College of fashion.

So during this Covid situation I came back home and then I thought of starting something of  my own. They say a moment is enough to turn things around and that is exactly what happened here. It was a random thought and I just worked on it. Overnight I thought os it, laid out my plans, startup goals, designed menus and put together everything that was necessary.

L’Amour is just 3 months old and it was a very sudden thing and I just went with the flow.

Aradhya Mittal


What is your most treasured possession?

I would credit my mom for this treasured possession of mine. My mum has always taught me to be best in whatever I do. The zest to learn new things is what I would call my treasured possession. Excelling at whatever I do is something my mother has inculcated in me.

What all hurdles came your way and what was the detrimental factor that kept you going?

For me things have been a little sorted on the business perspective. There were some hurdles that I had in my mind. How will things work out, How will I  plan things accordingly, will things fall into place and if they will, how would things eventually turn out to be. Given this whole covid situation and the fact that I am still a student and that I have to go back to London to complete my degree. So this was the whole thought process I had before I started with L’Amor.

Aradhya Mittal

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

The greatest achievement for me was my hundredth order going out, seeing things working out so well just gave a very different sense of atonement.

What is your idea of happiness?

Without a doubt baking! That is also the name of my patisserie “L’ Amor”, its the french word for the loved. Baking is love for me  and its actually the best token of love. You always get something specially baked for someone you feel connected to someone you love.

Aradhya Mittal

What is the inspiration behind your work?

My mum’s cakes are the inspiration behind everything. Being a designer by profession, what ever I create I think of bringing out something which is new to the table. It’s the best of my creativity put on a plate, I never use a reference image for my cakes I just work with instincts,

The most rewarding moment so far

The most rewarding moment so far has been my parents being pleased at this. Usually when they go out, they hear people talking about L’amour, owning upto the fact that their daughter does that is what makes them proud.

Aradhya Mittal

Baking what dessert do you feel lifts all your stress?

Baking itself is a great stress buster. But I am a  Chocoholic, so something  oozy, gooey and chocolaty would be my go to.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Ambitious, Determined, Headstrong, Baker and Fashion Enthusiast.

Huge props to  Aradhya Mittal  for letting her cakes do the talking !

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