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Anu and Rabia Bansal

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With much poise and panache, Rabia continues the impeccable legacy created by her mother-in-law, Anu Bansal.

Shree Studio, Anu Bansal’s dream project was created over 25 years ago with the vision to enhance the natural style and elegance of her clients. A fantastic platform awaited Rabia, who joined her mother in law, Anu Bansal in her well established clothing brand. This amalgamation of two generations credits it’s success to constantly evolving their design ethos while learning from the ladies they dress. Every woman is a gem waiting to shine and Shree Studio’s attire paves the way for just that to happen.

How did you start your career with your mother in law?

My mother in law, Anu Bansal started her boutique over 25 years ago. Back then, it was a really small set-up with only two people that she had employed. When I got married and came into the family, I saw the tremendous passion, drive and dedication with which my mom in law worked. She has definitely been a huge inspiration for me. It certainly wasn’t taken for granted that I would join the business and be treated as the owner. I have undergone 3 years of rigorous training right from scratch. I sat for hours every day at the workshop observing and absorbing all of the intricacies that go into creating an outfit. I didn’t just walk in and park myself on the owner’s seat. This is a privilege that I earned by working hard. I am so glad for this amazing learning curve since I am well equipped now to handle the reins of the whole business right from creating the outfit to retailing, managing all our staff and handling clients and their expectations effectively.


Over the years what has developed as the work ethic for Shree Studio?

We’re very clear on the basic fundamental that Shree Studio is for everyone. We’ve always made sure to be really approachable that way. No one who comes to us should feel that our range of clothing is out of their reach. Being very humble and grounded is of utmost importance to us. All of this is a lineage passed down to me from my mother in law. Our doors are open to everyone, whether they are coming in to get a really simple and stylish outfit done to heavy wedding trousseau and bridal ensembles. Our focus is to make every client feel equally special and important.

We’re at a stage now where we employ more than twenty people. They are the backbone of the business and a crucial extension of the Shree Studio family. Through various initiatives we seek to empower this little community of ours. This has been especially important for us during these Covid times.


How do you bring about a work-life balance with both of you at work?

I must admit that it hasn’t been easy finding this balance. We both work and also run the house. So naturally we have a lot on our plate! Finding this balance has required an effort from both of us and over the years we have been able to perfect this art. Now we have a well charted out routine that we follow so everything runs with clock-work precision. Also, we’re very clear about each other’s working styles and the strengths both of us bring to the table. This camaraderie between us helps us to stay true to the overall culture of our workplace. We complement each other’s sensibilities.


For the both of you, what is your most cherished source of inspiration?

We are both inspired by our wonderful clients – regular women with their everyday extraordinary stories and lives. On many occasions it is our clients that tell us exactly what they want in an outfit and we feel so privileged to be able to look at the world through their eyes. It’s wonderful to witness their natural selves really blossom and their confidence soar when they try on an outfit we’ve made for them.

Going forward, what is your vision for Shree Studio?

We’ve been able to build a great platform through years of hard-work. Our clientele is very loyal which speaks volumes about the work we do. In the future we hope to expand the workshop, it’s production capability,  increase the number of people we employ and reach out to a much larger client base. We see ourselves staying authentic to our work ethic and continuing to make our client’s style dreams come true!


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