GLAMTALKS – fashion and lifestyle magazine with a difference


Sanya Chawla, the founder of GlamTalks Magazine is herself is a significant disciple of ‘Seeking after your Dreams’ accordingly reflects into her magazine moreover. She stands firm by the conviction that a little inspiration goes far and GlamTalks is her platform for spreading inspiration into the world.

She initially got going as a fruitful event manager, however later set onto her actual path; of motivating individuals through the craft of stories as she always have been a narrator at her heart. She is a sacrificial solid mother, an ardent music sweetheart and is extremely enamored with exploring the world.

 Her vision of GlamTalks is to acquaint a stage to her perusers where they come face to face with the best entrepreneurs  that are pushing the existing boundaries and starting new precedents every day.
For Sanya, GlamTalks is platform for letting the world know to have confidence and faith in themselves and pursue their dreams